Welcome – Yeni Friesen!

Meet Yeni Friesen, the latest addition to the Partners for Health team, who has stepped into the newly created role of Grants Coordinator. Yeni traces her roots to Mexico City; she has lived in Montclair for six years.

Yeni brings more than a decade of expertise in buying, marketing, and sales analysis. She graduated with honors from Universidad Panamericana, where she earned a BA in International Marketing and Management. Her professional journey includes collaboration with companies like Mecedes-Benz, where she contributed to the marketing department, and Grupo Axo, where she oversaw the procurement of several of Tommy Hilfiger Mexico’s product lines.

For the last two years, Yeni has also been an active volunteer in MFEE’s Navegadores Escolares program, offering support to families as they navigate the Montclair school system and fulfilling household needs.

Beyond her professional and philanthropic pursuits, Yeni cherishes family moments with her husband and two daughters, finding happiness in those connections.