Vision and Mission


Thriving communities ensuring health for all.

A thriving community is a place where health equity exists for all residents. Health inequity exists when individuals do not have equal opportunities to be healthy. The ability to be healthy is often associated with factors such as social position, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual identity, or disability. When these factors limit a person’s ability to be healthy it can lead to health inequity.

Thriving communities ensure all people have access to healthy food, affordable housing and transportation, social support networks, safe and walkable neighborhoods, and community-based health services.


Partnering to advance health equity through learning, grantmaking, and advocating.

As a Foundation, we recognize that the issues that prevent people from thriving can be best determined by listening and learning from the communities that disproportionately experience health inequities. 

Partners for Health seeks to learn from communities and the agencies that aim to support these constituents.  It is only then that we can be sure to support organizations, systems change and policies that will make a difference.

Strategic Plan and new Grant Process