Take the KINDNESS Challenge!

Partners for Health is proud to be a sponsor of Montclair Film’s KINDNESS Challenge, taking place throughout the Film Festival (May 3 – 12, 2019). 

Research shows that even the smallest acts of kindness can lift a person’s spirits.  Kindness, together with empathy, forges a path forward even when we disagree with another’s behavior or beliefs. This is the thinking behind the KINDNESS Campaign, which will engage school-age children throughout Montclair via assemblies and free screenings. Following the screenings, students will participate in extended conversation around the issues raised in the films.

Students will also be encouraged to “Take the KINDNESS Challenge” and share random acts of kindness on social media.

Images that exemplify kindness will be displayed around Montclair during the festival to engage the entire community in this intergenerational project.

Click here to explore the Kindness Kit.