Ribbon Cutting Ceremony marks the completion of bollard project in Essex County, New Jersey

On Monday June 20, 2022, the Trail Conference celebrated the installation of new Lenape Trail bollards in Cedar Grove Park. In partnership with the Essex County Park System, 33 new bollards were installed along New Jersey’s 36-mile Lenape Trail that connects 18 parks and 11 municipalities.

In 2017/18, an award from Partners for Health supported efforts for increased trail planning, public workshops, and volunteer support for the trail – resulting in the first formal Trail Conference maps of the Lenape Trail and interactive digital guide. Organized by former Lenape Trail Field Manager, Debra Kagan, The Official Guide to the Lenape Trail acts as a key to exploring the Lenape Trail and the parks through which it traverses. The Guide includes detailed maps and expert input from local museums, historical societies, and nature centers to enrich the trail experience of county residents and attract new hikers, walkers, and volunteers.

Learn more at: https://www.nynjtc.org/news/ribbon-cutting-ceremony-mark-completion-bollard-project-essex-county-new-jersey