Montclair Gateway To Aging in Place Awarded $10,000 Grant To Help Seniors Get Connected

The work of Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place – the recently established nonprofit Senior Center for our digital world – has been recognized for its efforts with a $10,000 grant from Partners for Health. The funding will be utilized in the organization’s Campaign for Digital Connectivity; specifically, the SmartSeniors/SmartPhones© (SS/SP) pilot project.

“Digital competency and connectivity are paramount to our mission because seniors who are ‘unreachable’ are at risk in this society,” says Montclair Gateway president Ann Lippel. “Our immediate focus is on closing this access and competence gap.”

The SS/SP pilot project is launching now to provide the tools to enable older residents to fully access digital resources that have become the mainstay for telehealth, social interaction, civic participation and digital commerce in our society.

This program is partially funded by Partners for Health: Partnering to advance health equity through learning, grantmaking, and advocating.

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