MFF Panel Discussion Addresses Food Insecurity

A timely and important discussion about food insecurity in New Jersey and advocacy efforts to address hunger was produced as part of Partners for Health Foundation’s sponsorship of the 2020 Montclair Film Festival.  With the COVID-19 pandemic having an outsized economic impact on families and communities in need, support to end food insecurity is at record levels. 

Partners for Health also co-presented HUNGRY TO LEARN during the Festival, a documentary about hunger on college campuses. HUNGRY TO LEARN tells the story of four college students facing hunger and homelessness and how their dreams of success, college degrees, and food security at school remain just beyond their reach.

You can view the conversation below or at this link:

Panel Discussion: Food Insecurity in New Jersey


John Mooney,
Founding Editor and Executive Director of NJ Spotlight News

John Mooney is the founding editor of NJ Spotlight, starting the news site in 2009 after more than 30 years in print journalism. Before NJ Spotlight, John was an education reporter with the Newark Star-Ledger and the Bergen Record and a contributing writer for The New York Times.


Anne Mernin,
Executive Director of Toni’s Kitchen

Anne Mernin is the Executive Director of Toni’s Kitchen, a food ministry of St. Luke’s Church in Montclair.  Prior to joining Toni’s Kitchen, Anne worked as a management consultant in the private sector.

Adele LaTourette, Director of the NJ Anti-Hunger Coalition

Adele has led Hunger Free New Jersey since its inception in 1980. She is the leading voice in New Jersey’s anti-hunger and nutrition community and serves as a resource to emergency food coalitions throughout the state. Adele’s leadership has earned her state and national recognition. 

Elisa Neira,
Deputy Commissioner of the NJ Department of Human Services

Elisa Neira oversees the Division of Family Development, the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Division of Disability Services.