Making Healthy Choices Easier

By Matthew LaZaro

In early March, my Package Design class at Montclair State University was given an assignment to design a label for a bag of popcorn, a healthy snack that would be distributed to major sponsors of the 2016 Montclair Film Festival.  The “client” was Partners for Health Foundation, which is co-presenting a panel discussion at the festival called Young Voices.  The assignment was also a class competition:  the winning design would actually be printed and used.

The graphic solution struck me very quickly:  put “Enjoy the Festival” in a bold, retro typeface, with the letter O cleverly illustrated as a film reel. I wanted it to be simple, so it would send a clear message and resonate quickly.

My design was the winning entry, and I spent the next few weeks revising it based on the Foundation’s input.  I worked closely throughout this process with my Package Design professor, Karen DeLuca, who consults with Partners for Health on all of their communication materials.

After the final design was approved and sent off to the printer, I felt proud to have offered a tidbit of my design skills to share such as important message: Making healthy choices easier!