Edgemont Park House for Senior Programs and Activities

The Edgemont Park House for Senior Programs and Activities opened in April, 2016. The building has seen significant upgrades, new equipment, and additional staff for its function as a space for Montclair area seniors. These improvements were made possible with support from the Township and a grant from the Partners for Health Foundation.

The Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs and Department of Health and Human Services collaborated through the Lifelong Montclair initiative to provide a place for senior residents in town to gather, socialize and relax with their peers, and participate in a wide variety of educational and recreational activities in a beautiful park setting.

The building is open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for classes and walk-in activities.  There is free coffee and wifi available, and seniors can participate in existing activities or take the initiative to start new programming.  There are reading materials, games, a TV, and a Wii system available.  Organized activities, including Montclair Institute for Lifelong Learning (MILL) classes, are highlighted on the calendar.

The Edgemont Park House is located on Valley Road in Edgemont Memorial Park, and the phone number is 973-744-3278.