The MILL fosters opportunities to expand social connections and build knowledge and new skills for adults age 55+.  It is a core program of Lifelong Montclair, part of the Township’s commitment to becoming an age-friendly community. More than 250 classes have been offered since 2015, and there have been 1,500 registrations in 2019. Learn about MILL classes

Connections at Home

The Foundation’s funding has also supported Connections at Home NJ, whose mission is to use technology to help decrease social isolation among the elderly.  Connections at Home provides clients with a senior-friendly desktop, laptop, or tablet computer, which helps them stay connected with loved ones.  Their social workers do weekly outreach via video chat, and can also help clients with their social service needs.

Planning in Partnership

Planning in Partnership offers free resources for all Montclair-area residents ages 55+. Read more here

Benefits of Lifelong Learning 

Participating in MILL courses aren’t just for fun – there are tangible benefits to lifelong learning, as demonstrated by MILL student feedback and research. Learn more