Central Presbyterian Church Healthy Food Drive Making a “Ton” of Difference

Parishioners of the Central Presbyterian Church in Montclair recently organized a healthy food drive for the Human Needs Food Pantry.

According to John Helm, Mission Chairman of the church, “We collected more than 2,000 pounds of food – literally a ton – making a ton of difference. For the past ten years, we’ve had a goal to collect this much food, and we were thrilled to reach our yearly goal in just one weekend.”

He added, “Any group in Montclair has the capacity to do this.”

As a result of their efforts, the Human Needs Food Pantry also received $500 from the Partners for Health Foundation’s Matching Grants Program.

“Both Partners for Health and the Central Presbyterian Church are tireless supporters of our mission and we are extremely grateful for all they do for us,” said Mike Bruno, Executive Director of the Human Needs Food Pantry. “We can’t survive without this community support.”