Bethel Rehoboth Food Pantry & Meal Center to receive $500 through Matching Grants Program!

Neighbor to Neighbor Network has been working with Boy Scout Troop 22 out of Bloomfield, chartered by Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, to collect healthy food for the Bethel Rehoboth Food Pantry & Meal Center in Bloomfield. Through mid-April 2014, they had collected nearly 40 bags of food using the Fight Hunger the Healthy Way campaign toolkit.

Next month they will be expanding their efforts to include the Bloomfield Girl Scouts.

As a result of their efforts, Bethel Rehoboth will receive $500 from the Partners for Health Foundation’s Matching Grants Program!

“Both Partners for Health and the Central Presbyterian Church are tireless supporters of our mission and we are extremely grateful for all they do for us,” said Mike Bruno, Executive Director of the Human Needs Food Pantry. “We can’t survive without this community support.”